9 crores it is – Abhay gives personal guarantee to Ekta Kapoor


9 crores it is - Abhay gives personal guarantee to Ekta Kapoor
The actor has given a personal guarantee to Ekta Kapoor to wrap-up her zombie film within the stipulated budget of Rs 9 crore

After weeks of speculation, it looks like Ekta Kapoor’s zombie film helmed by Navdeep Singh is back on track. And sources attribute it to leading man of the film Abhay Deol, who apparently gave a personal guarantee to the producer to wrap up the film within the stipulated budget.

According to our source, from the time Abhay heard the script, he has been very enthusiastic about the film. “So he was upset when the film got stuck as a result of going over-budget in the first schedule.

So while the next schedule was pushed to post-monsoon, Abhay decided to ensure that the film doesn’t get into more trouble, ” says our source, adding that one way of doing it was to get more involved in the film than just as an actor.

We’re further told that the actor had a word with the producer to understand her concerns about the film going over budget. “Ekta made it clear that she has allotted Rs 9 crore and will not spend a rupee more than that.

So far Rs 6 crore has been spent on the production and the remaining half of the film has to be completed in Rs 3 crore, ” reveals our source, reiterating that Abhay has given his personal guarantee to ensure that the project is completed within the stipulated budget.

Reportedly, the film had hit a roadblock after differences between Ekta’s production house and co-producer Siddharth Jain’s company.

Needless to say, the actor is going to be involved in the production to ensure that unnecessary expenditure is not incurred. Besides, it is also learnt that they will have to do some re-negotiating with the technical crew and the others.

As our source explains, “Certain expenses, which have been confirmed before the start of the film, will be re-negotiated. Abhay will be involved in the restructuring of the budget for the remaining film.” The next shoot schedule is in Jaipur sometime in August.