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About Jean Baptise his own words!

At the age of just 22 Jean-Baptiste FORT establishes in Perpignan (France) his first company «Dixia Technologies» which specializes on the development of internet projects . Giving to his peculiar artistic perception of work, which is demonstrated by his company, in 2 years it gains recognition of such media-giants as TF1, AOL, Europe 2, and Skyrock, which stimulates the growth of production. The work specificity becomes more “industrial” and less creative, that’s why after two years Jean-Baptiste FORT passes the management of «Dixia Technologies» to the Internet-operator which he used to cooperate all of the time. Now Jean-Baptiste dedicates most of his time to his main passion – photography. At the same time, undeniable leadership experience, accumulated over the years of company management, is not wasted.
Photography experience suggests Jean-Baptiste numerous opportunities for proffessional growth in Eastern Europe countries, which are beneficial due to their geographical situation and peculiar creative potential. At the end of 2004 he decides to settle in Minsk, where he creates a design-agency with a small staff. Jean-Baptiste is working with different international companies and advertising agencies represented in Belarus. He works primarily in Belarus and Russia, but also in neighbouring countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine).
Since 2010 Jean-Baptiste FORT lives in two cities – Paris and Barcelona.
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