Amy reveales the ‘fanatics’ in her family


Amy reveales the `fanatics` in her family
As Euro 2012 gets underway, Amy Jackson flies the British flag high

The British and their football fever are well known. And it’s not just the men, but British women too who take active interest in the sport. It comes as no surprise that Liverpool gal Amy Jackson is all geared up to cheer the England squad in the Euro 2012 that starts today. The model-turned-actress talks about her love for the game…

Euro 2012 is just about to start. How is the mood in London?
The atmosphere is crazy! I think it’s great because usually the country is divided with people supporting their own teams/clubs, but when the European Championship starts, the country unites.

Your dad is a sports presenter. Has sports always been a part of your life?
Sport was a huge part of my life when I was little, and it is even now. Throughout school I was a part of every team possible. Today, I don’t get that much time to hit the ground, but I still have my horses in the UK and compete with my mum in dressage or show jumping.

Any instances of football madness with family members or friends?
There are some fanatical football fans across the world, but Europe definitely has the craziest, and some of them are part of my family!

A week before my mum and dad were to be married, my mum’s brothers (who are fanatical Evertonian’s) found out that my dad was a Liverpool fan and they did everything in their power to convert him into an Everton supporter before he married their sister. Now 20 years later they’re still trying!!

Who are your favourite football players?
My number one is Steven Gerrard. He is a fellow ‘Scouser’, captain of England and one of the best footballers in the country. A close second is David Beckham. Football was hardly spoken about in America before he headed over to LA Galaxy. He’s completely turned that around, not to mention that he makes a fabulous underwear model!

What do you like about the way the English play cricket?
I love cricket and back home, I especially love Jimmy Anderson; he’s as fast as lightening! I admit that India has made me into a serious cricket fan though. I was addicted to the IPL and it was constantly on in my house.