Two week wrap up! By Andrew McGibbon

It’s been an awesome two weeks of shooting and we even got to squeeze in a weekend at the berg over the freakishly cold weather spell. It was a well-needed rest with friends. Not to many swim shorts were worn and one too many bottles of whisky got consumed – Could’ve been worse. Besides the time away we have been shooting a bunch of interesting stuff, including a promo series for a local strongman / power lifter – Rory. I thought about showing him how much I could bench press but figured I didn’t want to show off.










My Dreamscape series has also been progressing slowly. When I have a gap, I like trying to get another one done. All the kids have been photographed with the trampoline, but each one needs a specific location and re-touching… that takes time!





Another really cool thing we did which is not usual for us is a family portrait! My good friends, Cati and Ash have recently adopted a little boy – Jackson… He is awesome and I’m pretty sure I am his favourite.
They wanted to do a portrait to mark his one year birthday… We got one shot of him co-operating and then did another one when we let him set the mood. I really love these shots.



Tennant's 2


Some big stuff has been on the go with me behind the scenes in the Durban advertising agency world. I can’t reveal much until the campaign has been launched but here’s two test shots of one of Durban’s freshest and coolest Art director/copywriter teams – Dylon and Tyron.





And lastly… In my younger days I used to do a lot of oil paintings (one every two years or so) and I have recently got a chance to do one for a client.
Again, I won’t say much about it besides it’s for an album cover and I am painting in the impressionist style. It’s been REALLY great to pull out the old oils and brushes again.