Create a Sweet Chocolate-Coated Text Effect[PhotoShop]

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Step 1

Open a new document in Photoshop. Since I want to create a wallpaper, my size is 1920×1200 pixels, but you can set up to the size of your desktop. Resolution is 72 pixels/inch, which is perfect while working on a computer destined project.

create a new document in Photoshop

Step 2

Using the Candice font, write “Sweet” with the Horizontal Type tool (T). Font size is 380pt. Choose a light color because we will print this document and we will sketch over the text to create the chocolate pending effect.

write on same text

Step 3

Print the image. I think it’s easier to create the chocolate effect on paper rather than immediatly use the pen tool. For those who have a tablet, it’s more convenient to work directly in Photoshop. However I decided to dirty a bit my hand.

Start painting the chocolate as shown in the following screenshots:

sketching over the text 1

skecthing over the text 2

Step 4

Scan the image and paste it on your Photoshop document. Place it above the text and reduce the opacity of the sketch at around 30%. In this way you can take the sketch as a reference while using the pen tool in the next step

paste in the sketch

Step 5

With the pen tool in Paths mode start tracing the chocolate border. Start from the “S”

use the pen tool to trace chocolate border

Step 6

Create a new layer and set the foreground color to brown (#602b0b). With the pen tool still active, right-click on the canvas and select “fill path”. In the next window set “use foreground color” and hit OK. Right click again and select “delete path”.

create and fill the path with the pen tool

Step 7

Use the same technique to create the other shapes, then hide the sketch layer visibility.

Select all the chocolate shapes and group them (ctrl+G) to make order.

hide sketch visibility

Step 8

At this point we will add some layer styles. Let’s start from the text. Hide the chocolate group for the moment. Right-click on the text layer and select “blending options”. We will add gradient overlay, bevel and emboss, satin and inner shadow. The aim is to create a kind of golden 3d text effect. The following screenshots will show the settings.

adding gradient overlay

adding bevel and emboss

adding inner shadow

adding satin

The text is complete. It remembers me text effects used on cereal packaging.

the text is complete

Step 9

We can now make visible chocolate group and select the first shape, in my case the chocolate that covers the letter “S”. Right-click and select blending options to play again with layer styles. We will add bevel and emboss, satin and inner glow to create the chocolate-styled effect.

adding bevel and emboss

adding satin

adding inner glow

Step 10

Copy this layer style (right-click>Copy Layer Style) and paste it on all the other chocolate layers. Just one thing to modify: about the bottom chocolate mark, increase the bevel and emboss size. We’ve done! You can add a nice radial gradient to the background to finalize the work.

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