Katrina – Working with Salman, Training for Aamir (He Isn’t Ready)


Katrina - Working with Salman, Training for Aamir (He Isn’t Ready)
By Subhash K Jha

Katrina Kaif has been missing in action…literally! In Thailand she’s shooting heavyduty action sequences with Salman Khan for Ek Tha Tiger by day and training by night for her forthcoming action sequences (which includes a hand-to-hand combat with Aamir) for Dhoom 3.

Says a source, “Aditya Chopra has flown in three special trainers for Katrina to get body-toned and quick-refelexed for her action sequences with Aamir in Dhoom 3. These are super-specialized trainers brought in specially for the purpose of making Katrina look convincing as a combatant assassin in Dhoom 3. ”

While Katrina trains with what has secretly been come to be known in Thailand as the “terror trio” till late in the night during the daytime Kabir Khan is making the actress do another kind of stunts in front of the camera.

Says our source from on-location, “It’s two completely different kinds of action discipline for Katrina on camera for Ek Tha Tiger and off camera for Dhoom 3. And it’s sapping her energies.

Her metabolism is confused, as during daytime she is doing hardcrore raw action with Salman and in the night training for highy sophisticated Jackie Chan kind of flips snd somersaults for Dhoom 3. ”

Luckily for the over-exerted diva she now has some reprieve on the Dhoom 3 front.

Apparently Aamir Khan has informed his producers that he is not quite ready for action.

Says our source, “He has been busy with his tv show and needs more time to train for his action scenes. So Katrina can take it slightly easy, but not too much. Because Adi Chopra is constantly monitoring her progress on with the “terror trio”.

So who said being a screen diva was easy?

Katrina remained unavailable for comment.