Meet Salman Khan’s body double


Meet Salman Khan`s body double
Several stunts in Salman Khan’s upcoming spy thriller ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ have been performed by the star’s body double

After the promo of Salman Khan’s next film opposite Katrina Kaif released at the theatres, it made a lot of people sit back and notice. In fact, soon after, director Kabir Khan tweeted, “You Tube view meter jammed within 3 mins of launch, YRF server in danger of crashing, trending 15 mins after launch…

That’s Tiger for you :-)” Now buzz is that in the sequence, where Salman is shown doing what he does best — a series of stunt acts, in fact it is someone else in his shoes. With the help of special effects being done at a Mumbai-based studio, Salman’s body double’s face will be replaced with that of the star.

Our sources reveal that Salman’s body double is none other than Jawed El Berni, a French national, who in the past too has performed the star’s stunts. Jawed has been practicing martial art for the last 20 years and parkour for three.

He also served as Akshay Kumar’s body double in Housefull 2. And that’s not all, even Katrina has a body double in the film, a girl called Rochelle Okoye, who has been a part of films like Twilight and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

Our sources also say that post-production work has started and VFX artistes are currently working on the painstaking process of replacing the body double’s face with Salman’s.

There are also rumours suggesting that since Salman back then was still recuperating from Trigeminal Neuralgia (a nerve disorder), he was unable to perform too many stunts on his own and a body double had to be called in.