My hands are full with Aamir’s TV show


My hands are full with Aamir`s TV show
For Sona Mohapatra, it’s been an exciting past few days, because each day she wakes up to find that the online views of her anti-dowry song Rupaiyya have gone up, yet again!

“More than four million views across uploads and sites as per the latest digital count,” the singer tells us excitedly.

As for Aamir Khan’s reaction when he heard the song, Sona says he was delighted and reacted almost exactly like he did on the show. She talks to CS about the song and her future projects:

Bull’s eye!
It feels great that a meaningful song, created for a serious show should have hit the spot. I would say it’s definitely one of the most progressive, liberating songs written on the subjects of dowry, marriage and emancipation in general.

It is an indication of a truly mature and music loving audience. None of the usual carpet-bombed music promos or glitzy videos. Just a song from the heart played out in the right context.

I have received hundreds of mails and messages from people describing how the song has given them the strength and energy to make some very important decisions and how it has in fact acted as the decisive ‘tipping point’ in their lives. This spirit of the song is what is empowering.

Hands full
I have been in charge of the music project of Aamir Khan’s show as a producer since Delhi Belly. This project has been all consuming in terms of the emotional and physical energies invested.

Multiple lyricists, unconventional subjects and lots of brainstorming on the songs, lyrics, shoots, recordings and to top it all, all songs have been translated and recorded in multiple languages.

So, I have had my hands full! That apart, I’m in it for the long haul and do believe that what is due to me will come to me. Besides, I’m having too much fun moving forward to worry about ‘cashing in’.

Why other music composers/directors don’t cast me in their songs is honestly a mystery to me, the answer to which only they would know (smiles).

Encouraging independent music
I think people connect with me most when I sing songs with a ‘desi’ vibe. The current playback scenario is very open and healthy. There’s a lot of room for new voices and ideas.

Voices like mine are being appreciated along with conventionally beautiful voices, so I think now there’s room for all of us. I do hope for a better scenario when it comes to original and independent music though.

Media, be it print or electronic, ought to extend greater support for non-film music. We also need to have more live venues for bands and live music in our cities.