Newbie convinces Bhatt to produce his film


Newbie convinces Bhatt to produce his film
Debut director Siddharth Sharma has persuaded Mahesh Bhatt to produce his next film

Mumbai-based filmmaker Siddharth Sharma’s upcoming project is yet to release but he has already managed to convince Mahesh Bhatt is produce his next. In fact, the project is already underway, with its screenplay already in place and the casting in process. The thriller has been tentatively titled Darinda and is an international co-production.

“When I was graduating and had made my first short film, I showed it to him to get a feedback. That was then.

Recently, when I met him and shared with him an idea of making a thriller with a love story embedded in the plot, he was positive and assured me that I have his support, ” Siddarth adds on his only existing connection in Bollywood.

His debut film as director deals with racism and hate-crimes prevalent in England. Interestingly, the story reflects on his own personal experiences when he visited the country after completing his filmmaking course.

Spanning across three countries — UK, India and USA — the resulting action-drama is scheduled to premiere at the awaited London Indian Film Festival. Later, the film will be screened at Toronto.