Sona in action

                                  Sona in action

Sona in action
Actress performs her first-ever stunt in ‘Rowdy Rathore’ with Akshay KumarGiven her penchant for portraying desi roles, it could be difficult to imagine Sonakshi Sinha in an action avatar. But the actress is quite adamant on shedding that stereotypical image.

To prove a point, she recently performed her first-ever stunt — a daredevil feat with Akshay Kumar for their upcoming film.

According to the script, the action director Guru Bachchan Singh had designed a comparatively easier stunt but Akshay wanted to do something different and more exciting.

So he expressed an idea to Guru who decided to go ahead with it and requested Akki to direct the sequence himself.

It involved a moving elevator on which Mr Khiladi was supposed to be crouching. Going by his action hero reputation, Akshay not only performed it but also directed the whole scene.

But that was not the end of it. Sonakshi, who was watching him perform, wanted to be part of the sequence. Sona expressed her desire to do it just like he did — on her own without any help! Akki was initially quite reluctant but eventually gave in to her demand. In the end, both of them performed the stunt.

The ecstatic actress says, “It was very impromptu and a lot of fun! Akshay was doing it anyway. He asked, ‘stunt karegi?’ and I said, “kyu nahi?” and that’s that.”