‘SRK is Farah’s very close friend but that doesn’t mean he is my friend too’

`SRK is Farah`s very close friend but that doesn`t mean he is my friend too`
The editor-director can’t do Farah Khan’s upcoming film. Is Shah Rukh Khan the reason?

It was while editing Farah Khan’s directorial debut Main Hoon Na that Shirish Kunder lost his heart to her. He also edited her next project Tees Maar Khan. But strangely he will not edit his wife’s next film that stars Shah Rukh Khan.

Shirish says, “Yes, it is true that I won’t be working on her film. Till August 31, I’m busy with my directorial venture.

Also being an editor of a film is like giving a commitment for nearly a year, I cannot stay away from being a director for that long. I want to concentrate on my films as a director now. ”

Shah Rukh and Shirish had a much-publicised fall-out a few months ago at a filmi party. But they patched things soon after.

His ‘in-equation’ with SRK

On whether SRK’s association with the film, as an actor and producer influences Shirish in taking this call, he clarifies, “I’m neutral with Shah Rukh. Neither is he my friend nor my enemy.

He is Farah’s very close friend and Farah and I are married. That doesn’t mean that even Shah Rukh and I are friends. However, tomorrow if I go to a party and he is present there I will go up to him and say hello for sure. But I’m a loner by nature. ”

The big fight

At the success party of Karan Johar’s Agneepath, hosted by Sanjay Dutt, SRK and Shirish’s big fight became the talk of town. After a war of words between the two, Shah Rukh slapped best friend Farah Khan’s husband.

After RA. One’s dismal show, Shirish made fun of SRK’s magnum opus on a social networking site that angered the star. The next day, Sajid Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala drove Farah and Shirish to Mannat to sort out the differences.