The Reluctant Fundamentalist to be released in India


The Reluctant Fundamentalist to be released in India
By Subhash K Jha

Mira Nair’s headline-grabbing film-in-the-making The Reluctant Fundamentalist has found itself a distributor n India.

PVR Pictures currently all set to release Dibakar Bannerjee’s political thriller Shanghai have acquired the Indian marketing rights of The Reluctant Fundamentalist, thereby putting an end to months of agonized suspense for Mira Nair who had been told a film on Islamic fundamentalism with a Pakistani protagonist would never get a peaceful release in India.

Says Mira jubilantly, “To get a release in my home country for this film was very vital. Now with PVR taking over I can breathe easy. ”

Hectic behind-the-scenes negotiations were on before the deal was clinched for an Indian release for one of the most important films set in the Asian subcontinent in recent times.

It is understood that PVR has shown a keen interest in releasing a separate Indian version of The Reluctant Fundamentlist where references to sensitive points on terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism would be toned down. Mira Niar being Mira Nair, has put her foot down.

Says a source, “She insists that one homogenous version of The Reluctant Fundamentalist be released in India and the rest of the world. ”

There is also some talk of dubbing the film in Hindi for the Indian market which Mira is opposed to.

What she aims for is a year-end release for the film in India and abroad.

Says Mira, “I am in Mumbai throughout the month of June mixing my film. Inshanallah we will release the film in India and the rest of the world by the end of the year. ”