The two sides of Priyanka: Never say ‘I love you’ to her

                   The two sides of Priyanka: Never say ‘I love you’ to her

The two sides of Priyanka: Never say `I love you` to her
While the actress plays cold with a fan, she shows her warm-hearted side to a crewmember on the sets

She’s known to be a warm and friendly person in public. But Priyanka Chopra can also be a no-nonsense girl who will not tolerate any frivolous behaviour from her admirers if need be. And that’s exactly what one of her fans learnt, and that too in a very hard way!

The actress was shooting with Shahid Kapoor by a lake near Aurangabad for her next film.

“In between the shots, a man, who was on the other side, screamed out her name saying, ‘Priyanka Chopra, I love you’, ” recalls our source, adding that the actress was neither amused nor amazed by the admirer’s loud declaration.

Further, our source says, “She asked her security guard to call the man. Then, PC admonished him for his loud declarations, saying he should be more courteous towards the stars he idolises.” Predictably, the fan realised his mistake and apologised for his behaviour. “He asked for her autograph, which she gladly signed.”

PC rushes to the rescue

In another incident that echoed the thrill of fans at the prospect of seeing their screen idols up, close and personal, PC actually rescued an AD who was caught in the middle of a huge crowd. “A huge number of people had gathered to see the shoot and after a while, it seemed that they would soon close in on our team, ” said our informer.

“PC wanted to go back to get the girl out from there before something untoward happened. A couple of crewmembers reasoned with her that the public was closing in because she was there, but she was more worried about the AD. Fortunately, Priyanka rushed out from there with the girl before the crowd became unmanageable, ” recollects our informer.

Swiss sojourn

Currently, the actress is said to be preparing for her trip to Switzerland. This time for her brother Siddharth, who’s getting his Masters degree having completed his training in catering and hotel management.

“Priyanka is fond of her brother and had promised him that she’d be there when he got his degree. So she’s flying out today and will be back after a couple of days, to resume shooting for her new film with Hrithik Roshan.”